Transition of Style

Queer leaders taking space in the fashion industry.

Tired of the underrepresentation of queer icons in the fashion industry? It’s time for a change. At Transition of Style, we’re shouting from the rooftops about the queer business leaders who are shaking up the fashion industry’s status quo.

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Queer business leader and fashion expert Rocio Sanchez stands fashionably and smiling candidly while looking away from the camera.

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Get a sneak peek into the podcast about fashion, identity, and how queer leaders today are disrupting the fashion industry. Learn from queer business leaders, influencers, models, and more. All folks who are leading the charge in making the fashion world more inclusive from the inside out.

About your host, Rocio Sanchez

Growing up in New York City as a queer kid, I was surrounded by the most fashionable people. I also grew up following every fashion trend on every social media, and that was a recipe for self-loathing.
I found myself through fashion, first having a blast exploring hyper-femininity, until I realized there was more for me to explore — personally, aesthetically, and even academically.

Fast forward a few years later in Paris, where you would have found me writing a master’s thesis on queer fashion, and researching LGBT communities from Brighton and Berlin to Chicago and San Francisco. How LGBT people express themselves through style is eternally inventive, it’s something that can be appreciated in so many ways – I didn’t need to travel across continents to see that.

After graduating (MA Fashion Studies, Parsons Paris, 2020) and starting my digital marketing agency, it became clear to me that our community’s inventiveness doesn’t stop at aesthetics. It travels through language, arts and even business. This podcast highlights those contributions that I barely saw acknowledged in my 10+ years working in and studying the fashion industry.